The history of Caldas da Rainha regional sweets

The company is born by Eduardo Loureiro’s initiative. The young businessman learnt the art of producing the famous Cavacas das Caldas with his in-laws and created his own company confectionery specialized in the regional sweets of Caldas da Rainha – Cavacas das Caldas, Beijinhos das Caldas, Suspiros and Trouxas de Ovo.


It all began with a small production of these specialities to sell exclusively in the famous city’s Fruit Square and Mr. Loureiro’s Java Pastry, in the historic centre. Plus, with the high tourist flow, the sales would get as high as 200kg of Cavacas sold per weekend.

With the passing of the years, production was increasing and began to sell to many of the city’s pastry shops, expanding later to several points of Portugal.

In 2012 came the opportunity to acquire a neighbouring company, Monte Verde, Ltd. (located in Relvas, Santa Catarina), which produced traditional Wafers, the former vanilla cookie, thus increasing our range of products.

Still in 2012, we launched ourselves in search of new markets. Initially to the well-known markets of France, England, Germany, Switzerland and started working with the major distributions: central purchasing agencies.

The year of 2013 was when we expanded our facilities in Caldas da Rainha and began the dream of modernization.

In 2016 we installed our first continuous furnace to produce thinner Wafers which brought new customers that came looking for this product. In this same year we advanced with the purchase of a plot of land in the Industrial Zone of Santa Cecília, near Caldas da Rainha and started the construction of our new facilities that we expect to be completed in the end of 2017, with the purpose of unifying efforts, maximize, modernize and improve production procedures along with increasing our production to better serve our clients.

The Real Recipe of the Cavacas de Caldas


. A pious queen;
. A source of warm and miraculous waters;
. A crowd of people looking for relief;
. Fertile fields of cultivation that produce the best wheats;
. A demanding people on the palate who likes their delicacies;
. Two novecentist ladies, curious and engaged in the art of sweets;
. A bit of mischief q.b.

Put all the ingredients to taste inside a thermal hospital, next to a park surrounded by leafy trees. You knead everything with much love and affection and let yourself be leavened with the slow passage of time for 6 centuries.
After several visits of the royal family they are allowed to cool the chips in wicker baskets immaculately covered with white cloths.
They eat with delicacy, advising themselves moderation.

Friend Carlos Ribeiro
“Pen wrap to fist”