Our Brands

Explore our brands “A Fábrica de Cavacas das Caldas”, “Avó Elvira” and “Confeitaria Monte Verde Lda”.

Fábrica de Cavacas das Caldas

Born from the company created by entrepreneur Eduardo Loureiro who learned the art of making the famous Cavacas das Caldas with his in-laws and established his own confectionery company highly specialized in the regional sweets of Caldas da Rainha such as: Cavacas of Caldas, Beijinhos of Caldas, Suspiros and Trouxas de Ovos. It began with a small factory that produced these specialties among others to supply the local Fruit Square of Caldas da Rainha, a place so emblematic of our city and in his time, his former Java Pastry in the width of Thermal Hospital. In 2010 the City Hall of Caldas da Rainha granted us the image of Queen Leonor in shades of green, which is used by the City Hall but in shades of blue. Since then, our products are known has the ex-libris of the city – Fábrica de Cavacas das Caldas.

Avó Elvira

This brand was born in the Confeitaria MONTEVERDE, Ltd. a company that began the production of Wafers cookies in 1978. In 2012, along with the arrival of the new associate Eduardo Loureiro there was the need to create a brand that would distinguish our product both in the national and international markets from the competition. First there was an idea to associate a Grandma to the product so that it would recall those sweet childhood memories. All our customers with ages varying from 50 to 70 years told us that when they ate Wafers, they were like the vanilla cookies that were sold in grocery stores during their childhood. It’s great to hear these kind words from our customers and consumers because it shows our hard work and dedication which we continue to have for so many years always preserving our authenticity of our recipes and production. The processes have been updated, but always with the commitment to preserve a product of excellence founded on the memories of the past. In second place, the name Elvira arose since it was the name of the former company partner, Mrs. Elvira Mateus. At first, we thought in this brand for Wafers/Vanilla Wafers, and with its success in the market we expanded the range to the remaining products (cookies and dry biscuits) which were already produced in the Fábrica de Cavacas das Caldas. Product of excellence and old recipes updated to the taste of our most demanding customers.

Confeitaria Monte Verde Lda

MONTEVERDE was the original brand of the company since its inception in 1978 lead by Mr. Mateus. In 2012, with the acquisition of this confectionery, MONTEVERDE became the name adopted by our company which makes the brands “Avó Elvira” and “Fábrica de Cavacas das Caldas”.