Since 1978 in Confeitaria MONTEVERDE, Ltd. we have been producing the famous wafers very well known in Portugal for “Vanilla Biscuits”. This is our best-selling product from where we highlight the two production processes, the manual as formerly the thin-thick wafers and a more current process the thin-thin wafers. These are two wafers that follow the same old recipe. The thicker wafers are characterized by a thicker and more robust wafer, while the thinner are softer.

These were the first cookies with filling to appear in the traditional Portuguese market, crispy and crunchy crackers with an intense vanilla flavor, produced according to an old recipe favoring a strict selection of raw materials.

In our range of wafers we have packages from 2kg, 1250g to bags of 500g, 400g, 350g, 300g, 250g, 180g and 35g and 250g trays.