The certified quality of our products is our guarantee.

Confeitaria MONTEVERDE, Ltd. (CAVACAS DAS CALDAS FACTORY) has implemented HACCP1 (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system that aims at a total control of biological, physical and chemical risks. The updating of this system is carried out by qualified technicians who guarantee their daily application, in order to guarantee the final Quality of our products. The raw materials used are selected and certified.

Quality and Food Security Policy

MONTEVERDE Confectionery, Ltd. considers the Food Safety of the products it produces and markets, the fundamental objective of its industrial and commercial strategy. As such, the company intends to maintain high levels of Quality of its products, corresponding to the growing needs of its customers and using technological innovation, reinforcement of negotiating power with suppliers and the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System and Food Safety based on the IFS standard.

In order to guarantee the wholesomeness of all the products that the company manufactures and distributes, as well as to promote the increase of confidence with the consumers and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System implemented, the MONTEVERDE Confectionery, Ltd. assumes to:

– Proceed to the manufacture and distribution of products of high Quality and Food Safety;
– Satisfy the needs and expectations of the organization’s customers;
– Adopt practices that promote respect for employees, minimize environmental impact and promote the sustainability of the organization;
– To look for technical solutions and technologies that allow to guarantee a greater Competitiveness, Quality and Food Safety to its products;
– Effectively promote internal and external communication throughout the food chain, as well as with the competent authorities, demonstrating proactive behaviors that aim to guarantee Quality and Food Safety;
– Ensure that the organization’s suppliers comply with high levels of Quality and Food Safety in the products and services provided;
– Implement and continuously improve the company’s Quality and Food Safety Management System;
– Ensure compliance with legally stipulated working hours, guarantee non-employment of child labor and comply with all labor legislation;
– To provide the continuous growth of our team by promoting personal and professional motivation, investing in learning, training and good work practices;
– Ensure the systematic application of processes, traceability and characteristics of our products to detect, at any moment, its route to the customer;
– Ensure that the Food Quality and Safety Policy is:

– Communicated and understood by all the employees of the organization, in order to guarantee the implementation of the same, that is, all employees, throughout the company, should be informed of the principles of Food Quality and Safety Policy, through a set of information actions that include:

– The display of the Policy in key locations; its distribution in paper to each one of the collaborators; the promotion of awareness-raising actions, or other actions that are efficient in informing the principles of the Policy;
Implemented, that is, to fulfill what was assumed as commitment in the principles of the Food Quality and Safety Policy;
– Maintained, which means that the Policy should be permanently adequate and fulfilled;
– Provide all the necessary resources to ensure the Quality and Safety of our products complying with the requirements of the IFS standard.
The Quality Policy, as well as other documents, such as technical files, HACCP certificates, analyzes, among other documents related to the QFSMD, can be requested using the e-mail: direcao.qualidade@cavacasdascaldas.com

The Quality Management Division

1 – A System that identifies controls and evaluates hazards that are significant for food safety.

2 – www.ifs-certification.com