REGIONAL SWEETS (Cavacas and Beijinhos das Caldas, Beijinhos em Flor, Trouxas de Ovos and Pão de Ló [Sponge Cake])

Cavacas das Caldas have been made for more than 30 years and are part of the typical gastronomy of this region for many decades and are a big attraction to many tourists to some of the local pastries. There is also the Cavacas Merengues, a variant with meringue frosting.

Caldas da Rainha is a city of tradition, art and sweets… From this combination was born the traditional Beijinhos das Caldas da Rainha, small and crunchy, bathed in syrup of sugar and lemon.

Beijinhos em Flor, coloured and delicious biscuits, are a regional sweet as old as Beijinhos das Caldas.

Trouxas de Ovos, a delicious sweet based from the ones made in convents in which we use sugar and egg yolks.

Our factory also makes a delicious and succulent Pão de Ló Húmido (Moist Sponge Cake).